i know what you mean lightning. i'm a laker fan, but not delusional. they don't look good, and had the blazers been matched up with them, the lakers would have lost the series.

i like that the series is getting chippy though. i hope this series toughens up the lakers because if they win this series, the nuggets are looking pretty tough, and so do the cavs -- both being pretty physical as well.

it's so great to see AB starting and getting a lot of PT. i can't believe he's missing his free throws. but his speed is still amazing, even against nba players. this post-season experience will do alot for him. i think he's still hesitant at times. when he decides to drive, or take his own shot, he's nails. but it looks like he's still easing his way into the nba. glad his teammates and adelman has the confidence in him. he's got a bright future.